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About Us

We are brothers, Zac and Nate Scott. In 1999 we formed Ice-O Metric Contracting, after several years working on industrial construction projects for another company. We knew we could provide better, faster service, and a broader range of facility products (high speed doors, equipment moving and installation, insulated panels, freezers, coolers and more) than competing firms. Together, we have built a reputation for getting tough projects done- on time and on budget, without interrupting our customers' business operations. References will be provided upon request.


Over time, repeat customers have called us to complete jobs
that other contractors could not finish
or were unwilling to even start.

This is why "We Specialize in Challenging Projects."

What About the Name Ice-O Metric?
This was our first challenging project: how to convey our special knowledge of coolers, freezers and insulated panel products? How to simply and elegantly say our work is functional but looks good, too? How could we succinctly say we are above all else, commercial builders with large and small project experience? We needed a name that says "We like cold stuff. We move heavy things."

Remember Ice-O Metric Contracting for your next special project. We'll keep you running.

Pronunciation: "I-so-'me-trik
Function: adjective
1: Of or exhibiting equality in dimensions or measurements.
2: Of or involving muscular contraction against resistance, usually a stationary object.




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